Sound Support for Bochs

Please note that the SB16 support has been integrated into the Bochs distribution. There is no longer any need to download it from here.

Some background information

And now, the patch:

Here's the current release: bochs-sb16-991028.tar.gz (55KB), and a list of changes (2KB, included in the patch) is also available.

The source for the SB16CTRL program that is used to modify the runtime behaviour of the SB16 emulator is included in the patch. There is also a few binaries available. The OS refers to the one running under Bochs, not the one running Bochs:

Installation instructions

Currently, the patch supports the Linux and Windows platforms. And one last thing: if you do or don't succeed, please drop me a message and tell me of it. So far I have only been able to test it on three machines, so your input would appreciated very much.

Old versions of the patches (not really necessary, but if you're curious...):

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