Summary is the program to decode the U9 music. Unzip it into the sound subdirectory and run it. Make sure you have 250MB available on the hard disk. If you didn't install the music, you can extract it by telling u9decode the exact location, i.e. "u9decode g:\sound\music.flx".

Note that this only works if you've installed U9. This is only a tool to extract music from the existing music.flx file. If you don't have U9 yet, you can buy it from the EA store. Also note that Ultima is a trademark of Electronic Arts.


You can also extract only a single file by giving its "slot number" on the command line. Note that some slots are empty.

It's possible to amplify the songs with "-a ampl", given in +3dB steps. If this amplification leads to clipping you'll be warned to reduce it. Most songs should be amplified with "-a 1", but the 'Cathedral' in particular shouldn't be.

"-s" gives you a list of the slots and their contents.

"u9decode -h" will also tell you these things.

The typos in the filenames are not my fault, that's the way they are in the music.flx file! Also, some songs start in the middle of the music, presumably because they are looping anyway. This is also the way it's in the file, and not my fault either.

The zip file also comes with C source code and a Makefile for the free CygWin C++ compiler Many Thanks go to uberDragon, Voyager Dragon, Monoceros Dragon and Minstrel Dragon (in order of appearance :) for their valuable input and discussion which greatly helped me in making this program. Please note that this program is distributed under the GPL and thus comes without any warranty, as detailed in the file "COPYING" included in Comments welcome!